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Glider Kits

The end of an era...

  Please Note:

The Glider Kit program has been ended by the EPA.

Unfortunately we do not have any glider inventory and can no longer order new glider chassis.

If you need a glider, your best option is to watch the "Glider" category of TruckPaper.com: 

Glider Kit Trucks For Sale - Listings | TruckPaper.com

Current Glider Status:

In 2016 the EPA put limitations on the glider kit industry, phasing out production by 2021. Unfortunately PACCAR, the parent company of both Peterbilt & Kenworth, halted glider sales in April of 2019. Peterbilt & Kenworth gliders that where on order, continued to be built through the end of 2019, however there will be no new orders or production for pre-emission gliders from Peterbilt, Kenworth, Western Star, or Freightliner beyond 2020.


  A glider kit is a complete chassis, defined by a specific VIN. Contrary to common belief, replacing the engine in your current truck does not render it a "glider kit". The EPA prohibits replacing emissions engines with older engines, so for that reason we do not perform engine "conversions" or "swaps".


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1986 - Our first glider - Kenworth T600

The First Glider!

The First Glider!



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